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9/11/01- where were you?
i was going rafting down the delaware with my husband and our friend, Mark. We had seen the second plane hit the towers and we had no idea what had happened or why. As we rafted down the river, we could only guess who did it and that we'd be going to war. Thankfully, no one we knew was harmed in the attacks.
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I had just woken up at around one pm after working a midnight shift. I drove to get Chinese food for lunch and saw almost no cars in the parking lot and was wondering what was up. I ordered and received the food with the chinese restaurant people either being to scared to talk to me or not quite able due to language difficulties. As I was driving away , I could not understand the lack of traffic. It was then, that I turned on the car radio...

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I was watching the whole thing on tv. unbelievable watching the one tower fall straight down.
I was at work, watching it all unfold on my computer, most likely on
A few dozen of my coworkers were gathered around my desk watching with such great dismay.
I remember some of the women were crying, I am pretty sure a lot of us men were choking back the tears, I know I was.
Not only for the loss of so many lives, but I think some of us knew down inside it was the end of the American way of living, our freedoms would soon be lost replaced by notions of keeping us secure against an un-seen enemy. It saddens me still, I really miss the old days.

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Driving to the airport to ship out frogs. Got to the end of the street and turned around. Went home and watched the second plane hit the tower on the news.
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