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making FF culture vs buying it
does anyone feel the cost of making your own ff culture is much lower than buying a premix, or do you think it costs similar?

Also- have you had better luck with one over the other?

i have purchased Repashy formula, and just ordered from Josh's frogs. i see that Josh has different mixes for the 2 different types of ff. i did not think this would matter? What do you all think?
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Cost for 'make yer own' is hugely cheaper...huge.

Different medias for Hydei vs Melanogastet?...meh...i doubt there's any difference.

Allow me to 'find some related books here in the library' a li'l bumpage.

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The difference between Hydei and Melanogaster fruit flies is how they digest their food. Hydei produce enzymes externally and predigest their food before consuming it. Melanogaster fruit flies digest their food internally. So, since yeast breaks down the culture media they add active yeast to the Melano media to help with its break down. However,I have tried making cultures with and without active yeast and found that my flies produce better without it because the alcohol produced by the yeast tends to drown a lot of the breeders in the culture.
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I use my mel media for hydei and seems to work fine. I also made my own media which works just as good as the purchased media cost is much less.
I also make my own media. It works great, doesn't mold, doesn't smell so bad and produces flies like crazy.
I like blue frogs!
Hi to all. just made 6 FF cultures, Hydei , from 3 Different sellers two of each . seller A / B /C ( don't want to put sellers name ) culture A is booming , B is also booming , while C turned out to be a dud. not all media is the same some work better than others , do as I did and buy from different sellers , and see wich works best for you. I make my own cultures ,but I buy when the expo is in town , it is cheaper to make , than to buy. Have a nice day. jose.

P.S if you want to know who A /B /C is PM me.

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