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This is why I hate large vivs!!!!!
On the go here as I am in the process of putting the finishing touch on half of this freakn viv! Everyone says "the bigger the better!" Is that really true? Never have I reared a pumilio past 1-3 months in anything slightly larger than a 18-18-24 exo. Once I decided to go 10-15 gal on everything and all was good and grand... No complaints from those inhabitants... Now I am trying to ease back into a few nice pairs of obligates and decided to go big!!!! But here I am...point A...point numero 1 all over again. Placed a $200 plant and brom order and dropped $300 on an exo and stand and another $100 on kitty litter,abg,leaves,moss,greatstuff, silicone, glass and...oh yeah... A 48in double5ThO fixture and mistking. Yet this is all I can come up with!!! Wtf!!!!!? Should I just compress all of this and put it into a 15gal column? Seems like after 1k my viv is only ready to be planted. Yes...ive set up tons of roots,clippings and all that good stuff...but i just dont see this thing..."flourishing."
i think it just needs a few more carpet-like plants and it looks great. don't give up. once the plants take off it will be awesome.
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