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RIP Bill Schwinn
For those of y'all how know him, he was a great guy. I learned a lot from him when I first started breeding tincs back in 2007. He was full of energy and definitely a sad loss for the hobby. I was sad to hear the news when I saw he passed this morning. Just thought I would share the news.
I heard the news last night. Truly a devastating loss to the community. I've been in the hobby for about 10 years now and Bill stands out as someone I've learned the most from about dart frogs during that time. A great guy who was always willing to help a fellow frogger. His wisdom and knowledge will be truly missed.

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he will be missed. nice guy when we met once at a florida show.
Oh no. I met Bill at a Daytona show many years ago. Man, this just sucks. I don't think he was even 55.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
He's a year older than me and I'm about to turn 50. He's been very sick for several years. I'm sad beyond words.
Do you know where your frogs have been?
I appreciate all his contributions both to the hobby and to me in the short time I have been part of the dart frog community. I am glad I got to exchange notes with him and I appreciate his advice. He will be remembered and missed.
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