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Sexing imitators
Does anyone know how to sex imitators? i have 4 imitator varaderos and have heard a couple calling and was curious to see which ones are the ones that are calling, and am also curious to see if they have any females to mate with
Females are larger and more pear shaped. Males tend to be smaller and not quite as pudgy.
You can always mist them heavily and wait for calling.
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I have heard of those methods, but these imi's i have seem to exhibit one of each sign in each frog. For example, i have some that are larger but more slender and have a pointed snout. While others are smaller, more pudgy but round in shape
Literally sneak up on the tank to observe the calling male(s). That will give you a good start as to who's who.

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Give them a little something to get them going after you mist them. It's like Barry White for imitators.
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For example, i have seen these two together an awful lot recently. Let me know what you think
Keep an eye on them. It's hard to tell from pics.
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