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leaves falling off plant in viv- leave them?
i have a pink colored polka dot plant-Hypoestes phyllostachya. it grows very fast and has dropped a few leaves. i took them out b/c i did not know if the plant will be ok to decay in the vivarium, or if i should always remove them. i feel like i should let it happen naturally, but part of me thinks that maybe these plants are not safe for that? idk why i feel that way, since i know the live plant is ok.
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I tend to pick out fallen plant leafs most times. There is no problem leaving them lay...either way.

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If you have microfauna, they generally take care of fallen leaves within a week or two. I like to leave most of mine in to help feed the bugs.
Orchids and brom leaves generally aren't eaten by springs or isopods, so occasionally I'll pull those. Otherwise, I let them go.
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