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When and where is Frogday 2015?
I need to know which one of my wife's family gatherings I am blowing off.

I think the rumor is out West....Arizona or CA

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
No, I spoke with a good friend and heard NY. AZ fell through this year and will be back in NYC
Ah, drat. I can drive to AZ from here! I'm not flying to NY though. Sad
A girl named Joey.
Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Details for Frog Day 2015 can be found at Its less than three week away. There will be a get together at my house Friday afternoon before the event. If you'll be in town let me know if you'll be coming so I can get a head count. Thanks.

Charles Powell
Frogday is in Fremont, CA on Sat. April 25th this year. For those of you who have not seen, the vendor, sponsor and auction donor list are exciting to say the least! Tesoros, Understory, TWI, Black Jungle, J-L Exotics, RainforestJunkys, Zoo Med just to name a few. It's going to be a great event again! Anyone coming from other parts of the country? East coast people? Mid West? I'll be driving up from So. Cal for it with a pocket full of frog funds. Last year the diversity of frogs that were available was impressive. Just about anything you were looking for could be found. Also got a chance to hang out and talk frogs with Ivan and Andreas from Tesoros. Worth the trip for anyone considering going.

Hope to see some of you there!
Ranitomeya, Oophaga, Ameerega, Adelphobates, Epipedobates,
You can find location info and recent updates on the Frog Day facebook page here:
With tomorrow being the show date I am sadly surprised to see such little action in this thread. The show is going to be amazing! It runs from 10am-4pm and there is a live auction @ 4 that is always AWESOME!!! last year they auctioned off a group of white banded fants from UE, some awesome out of circulation books, vivariums, plant packages from the guys at Black Jungle, tickets to the amphibian conservation synopsum in Costa Rica that BJ sponsers, proven pairs of all kinds of frogs from tincs to pumilio, glass tad pods from Devin, that's just the stuff I can remember. There was every type of pumilio one could imagine as well as hard to find tincs, tons of auratus morphs, orchids, bromeliads, rare vivarium suitable plants, just about everything! It's a froggers wet dream to attend this show. Hopefully some of you will be making the trip. This is not your typical reptile show. Every single table is almost guaranteed to have multiple things that you want or must have! To make it better, it's in a small venue that has lots of space but allows you to spend time with the breeders and talk frogs. No cattle herding here like most shows. Very personal, great chance to get to know some of the people who made our hobby what it is today.

See you all tomorrow!
Ranitomeya, Oophaga, Ameerega, Adelphobates, Epipedobates,
If you have the means - you must go to this show

If you live @ 4 hours away - spend the gas money and you MUST go to this show

I have been to four Frog Days but I'm currently on the other side of the country and couldn't pull together enough resources or else I'd be there

These shows are awesome. Just awesome. You will fondly remember attending for years to come if not the end of days.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I'm driving 7 hrs each way and I know 100% it will be worth every minute of the drive. I'll try and remember to take pics to post here so those of you who miss it can kick yourselves Sunday Morning.
Ranitomeya, Oophaga, Ameerega, Adelphobates, Epipedobates,
I just hope its back on the East coast next year.

It's supposed to alternate. Chicago had a great turnout though...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
How was it? Was it just the lectures on Friday?
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Unfortunately the lectures were canceled for Friday. The show was great though. It was relatively small which is nice cuz it makes it more personal IMO. Lots of cool frogs and supplies. I'm having trouble loading pics from Tapatalk. Apparently even my cropped photos are too large. I'll post a few pics once I figure out how to manage my photo size.
Ranitomeya, Oophaga, Ameerega, Adelphobates, Epipedobates,

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