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CB Esperanza group of 3 for sale

Sellers Name and location - Riley Williamson, Tucson AZ

I have a nice trio of captive bred (by me) unsexed Pumilio Esperanza ( SR'12). They are 1/2 grown adult size. No calling or eggs yet. These are 3 of the most dark esperanza I have produced. Almost black like. But in bright light you can see the nice red on their heads and blue bodies.

$240 for the group of 3.

I will post pictures later today. Pictures will be actual frogs for sale

Shipping through SYR shipped to FedEx Ship Center for pickup.Live arrival guaranteed if picked up within 2 hours.

Any questions email me at

[Image: 792822a7af151f9ee65c37bfa678f649.jpg]

[Image: b037fe9e7cd9f3d4673d6fae6bd81bad.jpg]

[Image: 437b314566d38359416debc28be0c163.jpg]

[Image: 117d41097794fff7157b4a2009d6f5bb.jpg]

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