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Drago Colon Male for sale
F-1 Drago Colon Male
Via Nhan
Shipping depending on buyers location.
Gorgeous Male! Sexed by Robert [Image: fe7278e498bf26467f6cb381fb528f16.jpg][Image: cdd8077ee71c35b3d7c913fa96cdfa4b.jpg]ale that I need to sell due to limited space.
Also he is about 1.5 years old!
If it's from Robert Nhan then it's probably a Villegas-line colon. "Drago" colons were imported by Strictly Reptiles in 2013-2014. "Drago" is short for Bocas Del Drago, the supposed locale where the animals were collected from. Villegas-line colons are from a group that was owned by a hobbyist, Thomas Villegas, that Robert Nhan has been breeding for quite a few years.
No its not a villegas line Robert asked which I wanted and I specified not villegas to him. I know what I have here, the lineage and what it is. Thanks

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