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Imitators and azureus together ?
i have a 35 gallon hex in which 3 imitator varadero live in. They mainly inhabit the top and leave the heavily planted bottom alone, never really see them there. I had two azureus and unfortunately, one escaped and died so now it is all alone in a big tank by itself. Could i put the azureus in the imitator tank? i have heard of it being done. I can post pictures of the set up if needed to determine whether it is possible or not
Very hard to say what could happen. Nine out of ten times, I think most people would have some aggression and problems but you could certainly try it, just watch the tank very carefully as soon as you put them all together and be prepared to separate or most likely , remove the azureus. Watch them carefully, especially when feeding

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Well i suppose its not worth it then lol would rather avoid fatalitys
Its not like the frogs are going to bite and slash a throat. Aggression and wrestling takes time and is somewhat insidious. Most hobbyists don't see it and/or don't pay enough attention to the vivarium. If you are on the ball and very observant, its possible to give it a try.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I just know these animals are sensitive and very responsive to stress. I actually lost an imitator varadero from stress. I used to have 4 but now have 3. I saw 2 spending alot of time together and didnt see wrestling, but one day i found one of them dead. I watch my vivarium alot but still didnt spot fighting or anything, but i guess it was enough to kill that frog
Buddy I think you know already where you want to go, you have reservations already,so don't mix 'em. Kiddo I can't call you by name but we have a saying in blighty if you have to ask about mixing then you aren't ready. I always try to think frog: what's best for them not what's best for me !!!! If you can give me a reason why these frogs will benefit from being mixed,then go for it,if not stay your hand,find an azzie and move forwards.

I would never mix frogs that don't inhabit the same place in nature anyway (too many unknowns). I have no experience of mixing as I have never found a reason to go there. I have an amazing pair of eyes behind me also watching(ha she hasn't a clue just sees :lol: ) when i'm not there. It's a team effort here,two set of eyes that see slightly different things and share, but even with that,I couldn't go there.

just the best of luck bro,


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