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Frogs for sale

Hey guys I have a Cristobal pair and Saltcreek trio available. I will sell those 5 frogs for $450 shipped or will sell individually; $250 plus shipping for the cristo pair and $260 plus shipping for the saltcreek trio. If you need pics or want more info then send me a message.


Hi Tony,

Please try to use this format for sales. It helps everyone by providing the important information up front.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Tony Iannuzzelli, Woodstock, GA
Species - O.pumilio "san cristobal"
Line/Origin - F-SR2013, M-F1 SNDF2010
Age - Male- 2 years old, F-WC
Quantity and sex (if possible) - proven 1.1
Price -$250 plus shipping

Preferred Payment Method - Paypal
Shipping Rates & information - shipping per SYR
Pictures - upon request

Species: O. pumilio "saltcreek"
Line:F1 2011 SNDF
Age: 1x- 7 months oow, 2x- 5 months oow
Quantity and sex(if possible)-0.0.3(7month is a probable female)
Price- $260 plus shippin
Shipping rates- shipping per SYR
Pictures- upon request

I will sell both groups of frogs for $450 shipped if bought together.

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