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Dendrocare supplement info
#1 It's great to hear that our product has great results. We promised you to inform you all about the development of our product. The process of the refreshing of the package of Dendrocare is nearby. We are working very hard to bring you soon some news. Ofcourse you can still order Dendrocare. Just visit our website and place your order. Are you a fan of Dendrocare, but you can't buy it in the area or your frogshop still doesn't have it on stock. We can put the frogshop on as a reseller of Dendrocare. No problem!

And the most important: If you have any questions about Dendrocare, just send us an email

For now we go on with picking the orders for USA, Canada, Brasil, The Netherlands, Belgium and some other countries. Dendrocare soon at destinations!
I have used dendrocare in the past as a rotational supplement, am using it now rotating with repashy. Is their any formula changes? My only observation is it does not stick to flies as well as repashy calcium plus.
best Beth.

We Dendrocare indeed improved.
waste and binders are transhumance evaluated from the mix.
This is done in cooperation with a manufacturer (feed mill)
they have the Dendrocare fully balance degree.
grain has improved slightly this is not visible. Options
but it remains indeed much better to stick to the flies.
also vitamin compentences better through the product.
Dendrocare formerly was a mix vitamin that certainly worked well.
now it is a complete blend.
the vitamin are not beaten through each other, but are created by a manufacturer 1 whole.

greetings simon,
I've looked at your Web site for suppliers in the United states but i can't seem to find any.
#5 ... utlet.html
I've used that link
Try calling Black Jungle by phone. They should have it. One of the California businesses should have it as well. And finally, I'll have some extra soon.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
best white thumb

it must work? put the (all) button united states.

philsuma... :-)
Your link works, it's just the vendors on the list. None list them. I've contacted black jungle by email. I was told to sign up for when it becomes available but the item isn't even on the site to do so
best whitethumb

I have a new shipment Dendrocare sent to black jungle today.
I expect it to arrive approximately one week.
package is on the way !!!

greetings simon,
black jungle has Dendrocare back in stock.
greetings simon,
Simon just informed me that there is a package of Dendrocare awaiting me when I return from Panama and CR. I should be down south for another week to ten days but when I get back all the PA people and MADS folks will be able to get some from me.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I have numerous medium to small size Dendrocare Vitamin containers available to those in need (PM / text/ call).

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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