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Everything I have for sale
3 adult matecho 2.0.1 $160
(price may vary message me about them)

2 green sips all very young. $90-100

(Deal if buying both)

A 40 gallon tank with glass cut on the top and lights. Pick up only. $65-70

4 gallons of abg mix.$25

Half bag of joshsfrogs melagonaster fruit fly mix can make about 10-15 more cultures. $10

Some plant clippings If interested pm me will give names of plants. $10

Used once repashy calcium plus $8

Exo terra wood piece $8

If i find any more things i will tell you guys. Shipping will be added depending on the me all deals or questions! Thank you
so where do you live. might help with sale.
I am located in Illinois. Im at a small town around elgin not too far from chicage, about an hour.
Still for sale!

2 Matechos and 1 green sip plus the rest listed above. Let me know if your interested. I am most easily reached at

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