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Small selection of viv suitable plants
I have the following species rooted in 2" pots. These cuttings were taken from frog-free mother plants, and were sanitized in a bleach solution before being planted. $20 minimum purchase, and $14 flat-rate Priority Mail shipping for any quantity. Shipping available when/where temps allow, live arrival guaranteed. Please email to order. 10% of all purchases will be donated to Tesoros de Colombia.

Philodendron 'Wend Imbe' - a nice small-growing, clumping Philo.
2 available, $5 each
[Image: Philo_.jpg]

Peperomia hoffmannii - low grower with small leaves, forms a dense mat over time
3 available, $4 each
[Image: Pep_hoff.jpg]

Peperomia sp. 'Costa Rica' - Miniature leaves, likes to be kept humid and bright
3 available, $4 each
[Image: pep_costa_.jpg]

Pellionia repens - easy to grow under a variety of conditions, new growth is very red under bright vivarium conditions
1 available, $4
[Image: Pelonia_dav_.jpg]

Ludisia discolor v. alba - great viv-suitable jewel orchid
2 available, $7 each
[Image: Ludis_.jpg]

Ficus quercifolia - mini creeping fig variety, perfect for covering backgrounds and wood over time
2 available, $4 each
[Image: Ficus_q.jpg]

Episcia 'Silver Skies' - requires high humidity, but can grow quickly once established. Frequently produces small, tubular red flowers
7 available, $4 each
[Image: episc_.jpg]

Ficus sp. 'Lance Leaf' - slow grower initially, but in a humid environment will eventually spread up wood and hardscaping, even up glass
4 available, $5 each
[Image: Ficus.jpg]

Bryophyllum pinnatum - curious habit of forming new plantlets along the edges of mature leaves
2 available, $4 each
[Image: Mil.jpg]
All plants sold, thanks for the interest.

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