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WTT (Reef stuff for Frog stuff)

I have some stuff I used for my 75 gal Reef tank that I am no longer using, or need. I sold all the live rock, coral, fish, ect... I wild like to trade for frogs or related. I will consider any offer. Let me know if your interested in anything.



MARINELAND TIDEPOOL 1 SILENT OVERFLOW SKIMMER (S.O.S.) - (Used for a drain to a sump without having to drill your tank.) ... _tpsos.asp

Seaclone 100 Protein Skimmer - (Needs the tube to connect the pump to the filter chamber, I used 1/2 in. clear tubing.) ... 782215.htm

Various pieces of decorative coral

50 lbs. or more of crushed coral



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