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Cobalt for sale
Via Joshs frog
Bold, great eater- 15 months
75 Shipped - PayPal only
Selling US- email
Hi is your cobalt still for sale? Have you been able to sex it?
Hello, yes still for sale. I have not been able to
Sex, I am researching now but it's hard. Do you have tips?
Sexing is typically determined by a few things... I assume you haven't heard any calling (males) because they are generally hard to hear from cobalts. Another way is to look at the arch in the back along with the size/shape of the toepads. If you google "how to sex tinctorius cobalts", you should find some pictures that might help. It might also help if you could post close up pictures of the toe pads of your frog and also a side-view of the frog from relatively close up to see the angle/arch of the back.
Based on online toe pads and back, female
bump, still for sale, price drop. Also open for local chicago pickup as well!
what's the total price including shipping now? I'm in oregon (zip 97330)
Bump- frog Is male. Email for pics,">

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