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A couple! Who's Who?

I know it's a couple, but did not say Who is Who is male and female ... I'm new at this Sad

They can give me help?

thank you!

[Image: 282ds0g.jpg]

[Image: svngqq.jpg]

[Image: ixtb9l.jpg]
[Image: 2aj85fb.jpg]

I'm sure you heard this before, but get some food and weight on both of those frogs as soon as possible.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

yes, I know ... they were so when they got home Sad

Now everyday the food so much, I hope to grow soon.
thank you

Hi Javier. Based on the last photo, I'd say the top frog is your female and the lower frog is your male. That said, given how under weight they are it's too early to make a definitive call. How old are they?

I had an underweight female tinctorius that required a steady diet of dusted hydei for about a month to get up to full weight. These two can bounce back, but I'd ensure 1 to 2 feedings a day with high quality supplements (e.g. Repashy, Dendrocare). Make sure you have a good amount of leaf litter and hides available - typically stress is the biggest issue just after a move of older tinctorius, so anything you can do to make them feel more comfortable (including dimming the lights) helps. A small water dish is also useful for soaking.

Good luck and keep us posted on how they are doing!

Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata

They are young , they have a year are very large in size.
Food twice daily with supplements and hopefully soon improve.
They are very confident, and eat well before my hand even .
I try fatten as soon as possible , I want to live well Wink
Thank you

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