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Good frog shelving / racks ?
Hello everyone i am thinking of expanding my collection. I am looking for shelving anyone have the name of a good rack setup that i could possibly set up 4 exoterra on?
Wire rack / baker's rack from target or Home depot or lowes. Cheap and easy to take down / put up and transport.

There are people that think the shelves are flimsy and can't hold much weight but that is not true. Even the thin racks hold a bunch of tanks as long as they are not full of water. No worries.


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I have one of the 4ft bakers rack and like it, but the poles I think keep you from putting 48" of tanks on it, more like 45-46" usable space I think.

My parents picked up this 6' industrial rack at Lowes or homedepot. I don't remember how much they are, but as you can see there is room for a 75gal, and a 10gal vert on each side of it, (click PIC and you can see it all).

The tank below is a 40b, and looks like you could get some 20h's in sideways, or some exo terras etc..etc..
[Image: 5237027099_392a75e49b_b.jpg]

You could easily make them look more appealing by sticking some cheap wood molding or fabric over the metal. The 75 was being heated up by the 40's lights so when I fire these tanks back up I'll probably put wood or foam on the shelves to insulate to tanks above from the heat.

Because of the size of the tanks and the heat issues I was having I only used the 2 middle shelves. With smaller tanks and/or thinner cooler lights like LEDs I could have used the bottom and the top. If you don't do front opening tanks you will probably need a step stool to feed the frogs Smile
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Thanks for the info that looks good
I just bought this rack yesterday, it was $90 but with a 5000 pound limit I can fit large vivs and maybe even a smaller fish tank or two on it, I like it for the 2 ft depth and the clean look ...the weight is overkill tbh but the price was right lol[Image: e92bc6f41c0def3cf62db0212ba896e1.jpg][Image: cc2ad02fad9c689f10500aeae5056440.jpg]

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