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Any shows coming up in the Salt Lake City area?

Hello fellow dart frog fans, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. I'm Stu and I'm brand new to DartDen (DartBoard would be catchy, too). I don't have any frogs right now but dart frogs have been a favorite of mine for many many years and I'm planning on getting into the hobby as soon as I can.
I was wondering if anyone is aware of any shows or expos coming up in the Salt Lake area or if they know of any good pet shops or breeders near by?
Any information would be helpful. I'm trying to do as much research as I can before I dive in to the hobby frog first (play on words. I know I should set up a viv before getting frogs). Thanks!

Welcome to Dart Den Stu!

Here's the thread with a master list of Reptile shows. I don't think there is anything in UT but search neighboring states and months and you should find something close.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Thanks for the welcome! I know there is an organization called Wasatch Reptile Expo. They did an expo here last September that I wasn't able to attend. I was just wondering if there are any members of DartDen in my area that would know if these guys are going to put on an Eco again sometime soon.

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