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D. Tinctorius "Surinam Coblalt" Froglets and Juveniles

Seller's Name And Location - SF's One Hop Stop in San Francisco, California
Species - Dendrobates Tinctorius "Surinam Cobalt"
Line/Origin - Patrick Nabors
Age - 2-6 months out of water
Quantity - 36 available
Price - $35 per froglet, $40 per juvenile
Group Prices - please inquire if interested
Preferred Payment Method - Square, Paypal, Check or Money Order
Shipping Rates & information - FedEx Priority overnight

We are selling Cobalt froglets and juveniles that are between 2-6 months out of the water. They are all very well-established, bold, and active. We currently have 36 frogs available. SF's One Hop Stop is a small, San Francisco based business that specializes in the health and reproduction of the Surinam Cobalt morph of Dendrobates Tinctorius. We will deliver froglets in the Bay Area, and will also ship outside the area if interested.

Check us out at:

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Thanks Smile

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