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My Ranitomeya reticulatus - Male or Female ?


I have 2 Retics, and I have a few questions. Do females vibrate or inflate their throats ? I have heard no calling, but have viewed both frogs vibrating their throats. Its not like in the pictures that I have seen where their throat sacks are very puffed out. If anyone has a picture of a Ranitomeya reticulatus calling, that would be much appreciated.


Garrett Smith

Frogs dont have chins :wink:

great info

Maybe their just breathing?

I've got 6 juvies, and they all do what your talking about. I'm sure it's just from breathing, since there to young to be trying to do any calls. (at least I hope there not all males????) I know this didn't answer your question, just thought I would share that mine "wiggle there chins" too. :lol:

Yes, I thought that too, but they dont do it all the time. Hmmmm

*tiny bit o' editing of the OP* :wink:

This is a good question. I only have the following Ranitomeya - Ranitomeya ventrimaculata, Ranitomeya vanzolinii and Ranitomeya imitator, but I have to think the slight throat vibration that you are witnessing would be the same throughout all of those species. I have seen that in my frogs as well but I would not think it's conclusive as a sex determiner.

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