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P. vittatus info?

When I started in this hobby and deciding on which species to buy first I considered buying P. vittatus. There was just something about the coloring of the frog that I saw in pictures and I was happy to find out they were considered a good beginner's frog.

I still want some and I'm considering purchasing several at UE's next shipment. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts about this frog if you've kept it. One of the reasons I never purchased this frog was so many of the pictures I saw of them the male was always carrying huge amounts of tadpoles on it's back. I'd like to keep this frog even if it's only a pair, and I'll admit it's for one of the same reasons I chose my Leucs; it' the male's call.

A couple of questions. How big do they get in relation to an adult Leuc. Also, I've heard of people keeping pairs of these in 12x12x18 Exo Terra's. Is this realistic? I have a new 18" Exo Terra cube that's growing in right now so I'd probably put them in there.

I'd appreciate your advise and experience with these frogs.

I've owned P. vittatus for many years and know them well.

The are extremely 'charismatic'. They are bold, colourful with both their red and coppery head markings to their mottled blue green legs and copper brown in between.

The are great feeders - very aggressive and certainly owning up to the Phylobates genus being the 'pit bulls' of the Dart Frogs. They can scatter and be shy when newly aquired and if the tank is not heavily planted but once they settle in - look out. They can eventually almost take flies from your hand (watch your fingers).

They are prolific and that's also their downfall. Most hobbyists have such good luck breeding them, that the market is over flown and not many people want to take froglets.

They are a great communal frog. They do well in groups. They are also 'terrestrial' and still do better in a bigger tank where 1 to 1.5 adult frogs per 'ten gallon fishy tank' size is the rule of thumb.

They are quite vociferous. The females have 2-3 different squeeks and almost a 'call' of sorts. Neither sex is loud, per se, but you will def hear them if tou are close to the viv and it's quiet ect.

Excellent display tank frogs.

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