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90 gallon build

I used to be in the frog hobby about 5 years ago, but I got out of it due to school and a few other things. I bought this 90 gallon tank for a price that I couldn't pass by and here I am building again. This time I want it to be pretty elaborate, just taking my time to do it right. I would like some pumilio to go in it, what variant of I'm not sure yet, but blue jean pumilio have always been my favorite.

That being said I just starting working on a fake rock and driftwood river bank vivarium. I have some pics so far but I will have to figure out how to make them smaller to upload. I am using cypress driftwood, does anyone know how long this stuff really lasts before it rots? I bought it from a reef shop and he seemed to think it would last for a really long time, which I assume is pretty true. Also, don't wanna post in the wrong place, but if anyone has any plants they want to get rid of then please send me a pm, I need a good. It for this one


Cypress wood will not rot before you do....heh. It will last plenty long even in a wet viv or subject to a constant water feature. No worries.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

its been a bit since I've worked on it, but I did manage to silicone the front stream bed and make some of the artificial fungi that I will be using. Has anyone found a good alternative to Eli web yet? I'll prob use the kitty litter as that is what I've had the best success with.

I'm sorry for the pics, my iPad and the lighting didn't agree with each other..

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