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giving this a shot

I had researched Dart Frogs many moons ago, and decided to go another direction. Recently, I was given one of the small exo-terra enclosures and decided I would give a msall viv a try, and if successful, move up from there.

Naturally, I have a few questions. First, can pdf be fed non-live food (crickets/worms/etc.)? Ultimately I would like to put this set-up at work and I don't want any live bugs around the office.

Second, which dart frogs have small or no calls? I don't want to draw unnecessary attention and have to take it back home, but I also want a frog or two that aren't shy, that I will see on occasion.

I have gotten alot of the board and in my research, so that is all I have for now.


All dart frogs need live foods. I bring flies into the office all the time. No biggie.

If there is no ventilation in the tank, the call is really muffled (I suggest no ventilation in an office as the air/heat will dry things out in your office pretty bad). Auratus and Tincs call is like an electic razor and they are great frogs to start off with.

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