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Does anyone have any decent pictures of their waterfall setup? Thinking about using "Great Stuff"for background and carving waterfall. Any users have success stories? What are you using to color Great Stuff to look more "Rock" like.
Apparently I have found out that people use black silicone to disguise the foam and to adhere a substrate to it... I'm sure there are gray silicones or non-toxic paints (or some other materials) that can be used to gray out the foam. What I plan on doing is adding pieces of gray shale / slate to my existing waterfall and creating a stepping down from my existing 'wall o wood + moss' made out of driftwood and foam. The picture below shows the "BEFORE" and once I locate some decent slate, I'll post a picture of the "AFTER". Hope this helps.
Thanks Sardesign for the info. I ended up putting together a 55 gallon tank with waterfall made of Lace rock and great stuff. I must say not to pleased with the great stuff and silicone method. Nasty stuff and takes some practice. Didn't get the desired result, but I'm anal about those things.
I'm gonna keep it running to house plants. Picked up another 50 gallon special octagon with flat back that I plan on using the lace rock on false bottom. I'll use the greatstuff to hold the water feature in place, but will go with cork bark for background.

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