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Open Front Vivarium

Hello, i am new to this site, and am looking at constructing an open front vivarium. i was thinking of doing 20X12X24(30?) acrylic or glass. false bottom, with a pond and water feature. for the open front, i wa thinking of doing a 4" edge at the bottom, and 2 or 3" around the other sides. is this a bad idea? will the frogs escape? can i put vaseline or that teflon stuff on the front edge so the flies cant escape? thx

I'm sorry, but I don't have the answer other than to say it seems like a bad idea. Just guessing, but I would say YES... the frogs will escape and humidity would be harder to control. Why are you considering this?

I think the only way to can answer is to say look at what others have done and do a search on the topic. Below is a link to a massive collections of individuals pictures of their tanks and setups. DONT USE THIS LINK UNLESS YOU HAVE BROADBAND AND EVEN THEN YOU LOOKING AT A LONG DOWNLOAD.

ok, i guess it is not that possible...just an idea. i have 56K so the link is outtta the question i guess. so what if i wanted a 20 gallon high tank, would i just cover the top w/ glass? how would the tank breathe?

I would recommend either using an acrylic insert you can buy or getting a exo-terra tank. Here is a link for the acrylic insert and if you are going to buy the exo-terra you may want to consider getting you tank from Black jungle especially if you can pick it up.
My personal preference is glass because the acrylic is going to warp and is going to scratch......not terrible but I don't like it. I personally use the exo-terra and have done modifications to them. It's work and money but I am please with the end results.

thx for the links. i am gonna try and go w/ sumthing that is a little less noticeable in the front...i have yet to figure out what i am gonna do....

Front opening viv's are better IMO.
They are easier to clean and feed, plus you don't have to remove the lights every time. Some old froggers even think it is less stressful for the frogs, but I don't know. You will have to watch for jumpers, but thumbnails will jump out of the top of a tank even faster.
For some pics you can browse the pics on my site, don't need a high speed link. Building tanks
and my home page is

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