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Best Led plant light for dome fixture?

Well as the title says I'm looking for recommendations for a good LED for the dome light fixture that will light my dart frog viv. I've been researching it but so far I've not had a lot of luck. Most seem to be made for light hoods or are hydrophobic red and blue.
The few I have found that look like an option are reported to lose light intensity within 6-8 months.

Any input would be helpful. Thank you

email Todd at:

Todd is a lighting EXPERT. He will sort you out.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I got a reply and he suggested an LED flood light in the 6500k range. He said I should be able to find one at walmart and that would be my best bet.

Yes PAR38 fixtures are fine in dome hoods. Also those domes are designed for standard A21 light bulbs of which there hundreds such LED fixtures. The cheapest are typically the ~800 lumen LEDs from the likes of CREE and Phillips at hardware stores. The PAR38 fixtures will be more efficient but will often create more spot lighting and less even spread.

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