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Deciding on first frog species (experience, info, help)

So I've been talking to josh at joshs frogs and have ordered a few things from him. So far I've been quiet pleased with the service and am thinking about ordering my first dart frogs from him when the time comes.
That said I've been looking over the varieties he has and have narrowed them down to 3 I'm considering. Also I have a question about one they have and its legitimacy.

The 3 are as follows
1.) Dendrobates tinctorius 'Azureus'

2.) Dendrobates tinctorius 'Patricia'

3.) Dendrobates auratus 'El Cope'

The one in question is Dendrobates tinctorius 'Azureus' - Wattley Line
It seems to me to be like the one that has been line bread for the small/no spots that was talked about on here and was not recommended.

Thank you for your help/advice/experience in advance.

The line bred Azureus are the "sky blue" line from Sean Stewart at Herpetologic. That line was generated by selecting multiple generations of parents that had reduced spots which yielded essentially no-spots and a light blue animal.

"Wattley Line" was another import of Azureus by Jack Wattley (of Discus / tropical fish fame). This line throws more offspring with fewer/smaller spots than other Azureus. If your intent is to breed, it's perfectly fine (IMO) to explore obtaining Wattley line Azureus, but you might consider buying 1 or 2 Wattley line and combining with 1 or 2 Azureus (e.g. Nabors) for an out-cross. You could save shipping and buy both sets of animals from Josh (if he has both available). Keep in mind the default image on Josh's site is described as an "exceptional" animal - click on the other images to see the variability of the Wattley line. You likely won't get a no-spot animal.

I'm partial to tincs, and you can't go wrong with a blue frog as your first in your collection. Honestly it's still the frog that gets the most attention when people unfamiliar with dart frogs see my frogs...Lorenzo, Robertus, meh...look at the blue ones! Personally I like the variable patterns Azureus throw - it's part of the fun in breeding them - seeing what spot patterns you get.

Any of the three you have narrowed your decision to are good starter frogs. Go with the one that you like the best. Good luck!

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My intention is not line breeding or really even breeding all that much. If some morphout in the viv awesome but I'm not going to take steps to intentionally beed lots of offspring. I like the looks of the regular ones better than the no spot ones myself so I was not considering them really. It was just a question as I had just read that thread the other day.

As for the three I love the looks of all of them and would love a few of each lol but I will be just setting up one viv right now so I'm going to have to settle for Just one. That's why I'm asking for experience and suggestions from all of you. That way I can weigh out the info and make the best choice possible.

Thank you for answering that question for me also Smile

I've decided to eliminate #2

So Its just Azureus or El Cope now.

Is there any El Cope owners here for first hand experience?

Tincs are a little bolder than auratus...on average.

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Philsuma Wrote:Tincs are a little bolder than auratus...on average.
Yes I have read that but I've also read that the El Cope are especially bold, equal to if not more so than many tincs.

I've read it may be due to the special environmental influences, mainly lack of a dry season in their natural habitat, has promoted this behavioural trait.

That said I can not be 100% sure of the accuracy of these claims and reviews of boldness.

I had a group of El Cope that were in a viv with lots of cover. I hardly ever saw them. A friend of mine has a group of of them with very little cover and they stay right out in the open. Tincs are much bolder, in my experience.

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I have decided on the Azureus. Thank you everyone for your help with this.

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