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Just wanted to share - Planted Viv and Bri Bri

a particularly nice tank

[Image: 16515019009_16b88db439.jpg]



"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

What kind of frogs are in there? I could be mistaken, but i think i see one towards the top right

They're Puerto Viejo specific BriBri.

[Image: 15065690527_192e3125a8.jpg]

[Image: 15065708178_f35f7fa302.jpg]

[Image: 15948938722_1858a5fb2b.jpg]


I have seen that locale twice now, an I can confirm that those are good representations of the frogs I observed.

One interesting thing is the colour. That population does seem a little more red than most other areas.

Good stuff.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Congrats on the beautiful frogs and the breeding!

Beautiful frogs and viv! Is that a cork panel background? How do you like it? Is it holding up well?

Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata

Thanks everyone. Yeah, Phil...they are pretty red, but I wouldn't describe them as Blue Jean red. They're more of a brick color. The male is fairly orange with a more reticulated pattern, but clearly mom's genes got passed down the the one froglet. We'll see if it fades over time. This locale seems to be a bit more stingy as far as reproduction goes. I've only ever seen one breeding event that led to the little one.

Jim, it is cork panels, and I do like them for their ease of set up. I think they really need a good layer of some kind of organic media over the top (be it live/dead moss, peat, etc) to really get plants going. What you see is about 9-10 months of plant growth in this tank from initial set up. So far, it has held up well in all of my applications of it. I've used it in my Ameerega tanks, which are significantly wetter than this one, and it has held up for the two or so years it's been in there.


Very nice enclosure!

I have used similar cork panels in my tanks too and they seem to be holding up extremely well. I am able to get moss slurry to grow on them as long as they stay damp for extended periods. I ordered mine from they have a tile that is heat pressed and 100% cork. No adhesives or chemicals used in the process.

This is the actual product I used:

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