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New to the hobby

Hello all. My name is John and I live in Central NY. I've gotten tired of looking out the windows at LOTS of snow and no green so I decided to bring some green into the house. I'm in the process of converting a 60 gal. saltwater tank. I've put in the false bottom and 3 inches of NEHerp substrate. The background is large pieces of cork bark and foam covered with coconut fiber. I just planted it with the 55 gal. plant set from Josh's frogs. This forum has been a great help. We haven't decided on the frogs yet, but we're not in any hurry either. Looking forward to my continuing education in our hobby.

Welcome to Dart Den John!

Make yourself at home and post any questions you have.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".


Jim from Austin |
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