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What is this wild plant?

I hope this doesn't seem like an off the wall question but I'd really like to know the name of this plant.

On that Swiss website with all the Tinctorius morphs there is a plant that I'd like ID'd.

If you go down to the morph called Trois Piton and scroll down to the two jungle pictures you'll see skinny trees and branches with leaves on them. They look like they'd be some type of tropical magnolia plant. I've seen this plant before over the years in other non-dart frog pictures so it must be somewhat common down in that area. As best as I can tell from the wording I see what looks like the words Western and French Guyana. I've already spent an hour looking through lists of South American Plants and trees and still haven't found anything similar to this.

Looks like a juvenile rubber tree to me but it could be something else. Hevea brasiliensis is the scientific name for the rubber tree.

Wikipedia with image of foliage -

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