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GARDEN STATE FROGS availability Ranitomeya and Pumilio

Hi everyone,

I will be at White Plains as well and will have the following.
I will be located in the Annex.

O. Pumilio Colon
$125 ea 1 year old
Villegas Line
O Pumilio El Dorado Pair
SNDF Imports
O Pumilio Cristobal Trio
$300 6 months F1s
SNDF Imports
O Pumilio Bahia Grande
$100 6 months F1
From a WC pair

R. Amazonica Iquitos
$50 ea 3 months
UE Line
R. Amazonica Arena Blanca
$75 ea
UE Line
Juvys 2-3 months
R. Amazonica (French Guyana Blue Legs)
$30 ea

R. Imitator Baja Halluaga
$45 ea 3 – 7 months
UE line
R. Imitator Varadero
3 to 6 months
$45 ea
D. Tinctorious Azureus
5+ months
$35 ea

Giant Orange isopod cultures $8
White isopod cultures $5 (3 for 12)
Grey isopod cultures $6

Booming white and pink springtail cultures $5

I will also be bringing the below

orchid bark $5 a gallon
tree fern $5 a gallon
ABG $6 a gallon

Tree fern panels
8x8 $5 ea
6x4 $3 ea

follow us on Instagram @GARDENSTATEFROGS


I'm moving and I need to unload the following frogs. I live up in Sussex County and have family in Middlesex County, so we could easily meet up if you want. Please let me know if you're interested in any.

- Paul

Ameerega pepperi 'Abiseo'
Ameerega trivittata 'Greenback'
Dendrobates auratus (blue, green, and reticulated)
Dendrobates azureus (proven pair - and lots of tads if interested)
Mantella madagascariensis
Phyllobates terribilis 'Orange' (mature - male(s) and female(s))
Phyllobates vittatus

Hi Paul

Shoot me an email

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