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Variabilis carrying eggs?

So my variabilis is abt 7 months old and is in a tank with a 5-6 month old variabilis. The 7 month old is significantly larger than the 6 month old. She is about half a body length longer than the 6 month old frog. She seems rather plump and I was wondering if she looks like she is carrying eggs? I have heard no calling but am under the impression their call is low. [Image: a212ea6f0e3b9f0f39ce734690c18ef5.jpg]

Yes, call is on the quieter side, I believe. That frog does appear to be an 'egg laden' female - hip-y ect.

Maybe you have two females?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Well I have three in the tank right now. The third is too young to sex, only 3 months old. However, because of the size difference in the 6 month old and 7 month old, I'm hoping to have a male and a female. I am not home much of the day but will keep my ears peeled for some calling. The smaller one does tend to follow the bigger one around.

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