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Please help me setup my 1st Viv.

Ok I am completely new, just started studying about darts about a week ago. I want to start a Vivarium and I want to be sure what I am planning on using is fine. here's the list please add things I need and tell me what needs to be changed.

1.20H glass aquarium
2.Full glass top
3.24" flourecent light strip(full spectrum bulb)
4.Large smooth aquarium gravel(for a small pond)
5.plants(aquatic and air plants)
6.Drift wood
7.small internal filter
8.large smooth rocks(for landscaping)
9.some type of substate for mound(this is what I need help on.)
10.spray bottle
11.background(probably just a tape on aquarium background...solid black)
12.frogs(What is a good starter frog..a cheap easy to maintain frog...posibily a red belly?)

Thats all I can think of right now please post and put in your suggestions. Thanks for your help and I hope to learn much more about these frogs.

P.S.-If anybody needs help with fish just ask me... :wink:

welcome to the hobby.
Have you considered using a drainage layer, or a false bottom?
As for substrate, there are many "recipes" out there. Some people simply use coco husk ( Bed-a-Beast ) and mix in some peat moss, and orchid fir bark. We have a substrate that is a custom blend we mix and we have been using it for 5 years with excellent results. The main thing you want is something that is not going to pack down when it becomes wet as this will suffocate most plant roots. Also keep in mind that you will want a substrate the will nourish the plants as it breaks down, as it is not advisable to use fertilizers with the frogs.
I noticed you may not be using a background inside of your tank. A background will offer an additional place to plant plants. Corkbark and CocoS panel are the easiest to work with.
As for suitable frogs for the first time frogger, auratus, leucomelas, and terrribilis, are going to be the best choices. All of these are very coloful, hardy, and they get along well together in a group, although you probably want to keep the numbers down to 2 or possible 3 in that size tank. Also, that is 2 or 3 of the same species, let's not try keeping one of every color in the tank.
Good luck and keep us posted.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts

welcome claytoris im also a newbie,if your going to feed fruit flies be sure and get some cultures going before you get the frogs!!the local pet shop here doesn't always have food available for darts and it has gotten very frustrating until we got our cultures established.this hobby can be addicting

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