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Baru's must be happy

Came home last night and discovered a clutch of eggs from my Baru's. I Have my fingers crossed that all goes well.

That's the easy part, which I'm sure you already know.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

You are so right. Hopefully, they will be successful, if not then soon.

The first batch of eggs Vanished, I thought I saw some developement then they went poof. About a week ago, they had a second batch, here's a pic of the eggs developing. About 6 days old.

Default Re: One pair down, 3 more on my wish list.
I thought I saw a froglet yesterday, when I came home from the White Plains show. The same exact thing happen about a year and half ago with my escudos.
Anyway, I waited and waited and nothing but this afternoon I started to look again and it's official I saw my first froglet. I have to go to these shows more often. Lol
Proud Papa below

Perfect timing
[Image: image_zpscwwon0js.jpg]

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