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Firebelly frogs (easy question)

would it be alright to set up a dart frog vivarium but not put darts in it, instead put firebellies in it until I get a good feel for it and then swap them out for darts?

I don't know much about firebellies, but I think I heard they like lower humidity, but also need a water feature, as they spend a good amount of time soaking. Temperature requirements may also be a little different.
Also, most firebellies are WC (someone correct me if I'm wrong), so to just put them in a terrarium temporarily, you would probably just be contaminating the viv with parasites.
Hang out on the boards for a while, and sooner or later, you'll most likely see some auratus or tincs for a real decent price.
If you want to get a feel for it, get a feel for the real thing Big Grin .

Brian T. Sexton

i have fire bellys and poison darts, true the fire bellys need a lot of water to splash around in, my humidity is about the same as in dart tanks, but i wouldnt suggest starting them in a tank your gonna put darts in, i was told that their contamination factor is quite high for captivity in their excrements, they need tank cleaning more often than darts. if you wanna start with firebellys, i suggest do it, they are great, very viewable, active and just fun to watch. you can set up later for darts, but be careful, because their the addicting ones, in six months time i had 5 vivs going with the darts !try this link for some info on firebellys.

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