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Tincman Big Frog List, *shipping deal*

Hi guys, Tincman is shipping free if 2 select groups of frogs are taken, thanks for looking & hope all is well...

Dendrobates Tinctorius "Robertus" Tincman Line F1s[/b]- $110Ea, Trios $300 (Trios ship free with any other frog group) These are spectacular Frogs... I have 2 Pairs going so I can get you different F1 genetics in your offspring if you ask..

Dendrobates Tinctorius "Vanessa" Tincman Line F1s- 50 Ea, 40 Each at 4 or more

Dendrobates Tinctorius "Awarape" Froglet F1s- 50Ea, ask about any group discounts..(4 or more ships free with another Group) (These are another very Cool & rare tinc that are supposed to throw variable morphs, be among the first to raise some to adulthood)

Dendrobates Tinctorius "Patricia" Froglets 25$ Ea Beautiful froglets!

Phyllobates terribilis "Mint" 4 lot of 1" Well Started Juvis- $190

Phyllobates terribilis Black Foot Orange Froglets- $80 (4 for $300)(SOLD, but many in water) *Ships Free With another Group**

Phyllobates Vittatus CRARC line $25 Ea

Phyllobates terribilis "Yellow"- 4 lot $190 (Well Started Froglets)

Baru Grannies- 2 large Juvis $200 Ea, 1 female $250

O. Sylvatica Paru- $350 Ea or $1200 for the 4 about 4 months old *Ships Free w/ another Group** These are some of the more orange Paru Ive seen, its a highly variable large obligate but these will make a pretty breeding group!

O. Sylvatica San Lorenzo- $275 Ea, 3 for $750 (Special Sale young Froglets ready to ship the end of the month) **Ships free with another group**

O Sylvatica Bilsa Male $350

O Histrionicus "Red Head" Unsexed Juvi $500 (this one is a beauty! SOLD)

O Pumilio Ed dorado $75 Each (3 Avail) **Ship Free with another group**

O Pumilio Black Jeans Trio Sub adults $350 (These are my fav pumilio, pretty, big & Bold,1 is nearly adult) **Ships Free with another group***

O Pumilio Almirante (Probable Trio, 1 caller 2 non callers) $200, **Ships Free with another group**

O Pumilio Esperanza Prob Female(Large healthy Blue Phase Strictly 2014 from Shawn H) $90 Ea

O Pumilio Basti Female (Strictly Early 2015 Import) $100

O Pumilio "colon" Drago Male $90 Ea
O Pumilio Colon "Mimitimbi" male $125

Ranitomeya Benedicta-$75 Each (10 Available) 3 at $210, 3 or more **Ship free with another group*

R Reticulatus- $100 Ea ( Trio at $280) Will be ready to ship in a couple weeks *Ships free with another group**)

Ranitomeya CV Lowland Fantasticus Proven Trio-(1.5 year old young & healthy)SOLD $375 *ships free with another group*

R. Arena Blanca Subs $75 Ea 3 or more ship free with another group (4 Avail)

D. Super Blue Auratus - Sub adults (4 Lot $200) Ships free w/ another group

D.Turquoise Auratus Prob Pair- (Gorgeous young adults) $125 pair

D Leucomelas proven Pair (prolific young Breeders, moving only for space)(Pending, not paid) $135

I ship Next day Air Guaranteed live arrival at low rates. A few of these frogs belong to a good friend that has excellent frogs as well & IM just helping him sell them. Note all frogs will be exceptional in health & appearance or they will not be sold. If you have any questions please feel free to ask as Im more then happy to answer them. Idris- Tincman Herps , send me your email for any pics...

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