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Mist King misting times and frequencies ?
What's your misting timer set at? How long and how many times per day?

Just rough estimates. Nothing scientific.

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I run 18 heads for 30 seconds 4 times per day across 12 vivs on my mistking. All vivs are actively vented so I need more water than normal. I've had good success with variable vent sizes and active air flow targeting 80% RH with these timings. All my plants dry between misting and my glass is clear. If your vivs are buttoned up then my timings are way too high.
Jim from Austin |
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I have over 32 vivs that have quads, doubles or single mist nozzles on a timing schedule of 10 seconds, three times a day.

I have passive vents on all my tanks but they are covered about 90%. I maitain great humidity, even though I am in AZ where it is very dry. I have a split level cooling system dedicated to the frog room with a ceiling fan running at slow speed 24/7.

I honestly believe that people are overmisting our vivs. Some are too wet. Wet vivs can lead to bacterial infections, foot rot ( especially in Terribilis) and rotting of plants esp bromeliads. Plants need a time to dry out , yet still have high humidity in the viv. I find that my mist king schedule helps the broms to not rot and stay functional but yet still maintain high humidity to promote breeding, especially for pumilio.
Indeed, on the too wet! We are seeing a lot, I mean a Lot of newbs trying to make 'swamp' and mangrove coastline first vivs. Hard to fathom where they are getting this.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I'm currently misting (mistKING-ing?) 3 times/day for 15 seconds. Internal circulation fan on the display viv is timed to shut off during the misting, and I have passive ventilation on EVERY viv.
My 3 vivs, 1 is active vented others have passive air flow, 5 heads. They all maintain 80-90%RH. Schedule:
Monday - Friday - 30 sec. x 2, with 2 hour interval mid day.
Saturday - 30 sec x 3, with 4 hour intervals.
Sunday - 30 x 1 in the evening.
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Looks like the longest misting time is 30 seconds. Anyone use a longer time?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I know of a well designed collection that is hooked up to a RO system. All of the tanks are fully plumbed to take away waste water. Occasionally the misting system is allowed to run for 30 minutes or more at a time. This is essentially a "cleaning cycle" that washes away waste and more accurately represents rain.
There has also been some careful consideration to ventilation and each tank has a variable speed fan installed in a re-circulation box that can be adjusted to allow fresh air to enter the tank.
It is a very effective setup.
Chris Sherman
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I think we talked about that collection Chris. I'd like to see that before I move back down south.

That's a rain cycle. Very interesting. Wonder how computerized that whole shebang is? I'd like to control and activate all the procedures from my smartphone.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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