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Robertus and Southern Variabilis Free Shipping Special!!!

I need to make room for more froglets coming out of water so I'm going to eat shipping on the following:

Dendrobates tinctorius Robertus
F1 Froglets bred by me parents came from SAS
2-3 months oow
$100 buy 3 get free shipping! Buy 4 and Ill give you the 5th for $50
[Image: 3db6748269a4a469115c8c6fe2e5e538.jpg] [Image: 05ce3f013b51be997e05583af4df0a3c.jpg] here's the dad [Image: 48ef71b90ad85152f3480010788055b4.jpg]
Ranitomeya variabilis southerns
Line: UE bought parents from zookeeperdoug
2 months oow
$60 each buy 5 get free shipping!
Shipping is through SYR.
[Image: a7eeb31e12a9b83d6287bcd92d8b5a6e.jpg] [Image: 42d8c3e2508ca805b75b8c1b2e1b0894.jpg]

Thanks for looking


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