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National Geographic article -Farewell to Frogs

In the new issue of National Geographic there is an article titled "Farewell to Frogs?". It talks about the chytrid fungus and how it is decimating the amphibian population and how a small group of scientist and researchers are trying to save them from extinction. It is mind boggling how quickly this fungus is spreading, and how many species have already been wiped out. It is safe to say that there are species going extinct before we can even discover them.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts

George Bush doesn't care about amphibians.


...Did you hear it was proposed as a "control agent" in trying to get rid of the invasive frog species in Hawaii?
Can't remember where I heard that though...hopefully the politicians etc will have enough brains to give it a thumbs down.

Brian T. Sexton

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