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Some beginner questions

Hi everyone! I'm not necessarily new to the hobby of keeping amphibians, but am new to the dart frog hobby. I have a few questions that may seem a little dumb but after lurking and searching through threads for a bit now and not finding exactly what I was looking for, I figured I'd just ask.

So, firstly, cleaning a new viv.

A friend of mine is passing off some of his Exo Terra tanks to me after he decided to sell off his gecko collection and move on to other things. They've all been emptied out and at least rinsed, but since they've been used by other residents my question is can/should I rinse them out with a bleach solution or other cleaning solution before building and planting? No frogs will be in residence for a few months but I will likely be planting it in the next 2-3 weeks.

Next is storing cultures.

I haven't really seen anyone storing their fruit fly cultures or what have you in, say, a clear locking tote/sweaterbox. Is this sort of thing done? If not, why? Does it adversely affect the cultures? I understand mite infestations are a thing and keeping everything together might be a poor idea so I would likely have multiple totes. These questions stem from owning a small ninja cat who will find and knock over anything that isn't bigger or heavier than her and wanting to avoid the inevitable. I'm not concerned about her bothering the viv at all, and as much as I'd like to have a dedicated frog room, we just don't have that right now.

And lastly, more of a curiosity sort of thing.

I'm really wanting to get Yellowbacks as my first frogs and I've seen comments along the lines of them just not being as common in the hobby as they used to be. A lot of the hobby seems to be person-to-person or word of mouth and not so much readily available online when something goes down, so I was wondering if their drop in popularity had anything to with that, or if they just went out of style sort of thing.


Yes a 10% bleach solution and scrub followed by liberal flushing with 100% water is recommended.

Fly cultures should have fabri-coted lids and they need to 'breathe' so be careful not to lock them away with a much reduced airflow or stack them on top of each other. Any place is ok as long as it's not stifling ect.

Yellowbacks are a morph or population designation for the species 'tinctorious'. Full name is Dendrobates tinctorius 'Yellow back'. A great frog and good for a beginner, yes. Uncommon but not rare in the U.S Hobby.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".


I'm sure I can come up with some storage solution that provides adequate airflow while still being cat proof...or as close as I can get it.


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