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48g Bowfront Vivarium Construction Journal
Looking really good!
Wow, very nice! Is it a possibility to make the right side so that the substrate is not up against the glass?(or maybe the pictures just make it look like that).
Some updated pics.

[Image: Christmas06011.jpg]
[Image: Christmas06016.jpg]
[Image: Christmas06058.jpg]
[Image: Christmas06084.jpg]
[Image: Christmas06103.jpg]
[Image: Christmas06111.jpg]
[Image: Christmas06055.jpg]
[Image: Christmas06083.jpg]

Oh ya, Chico has now given this vivarium to me because he moved for school. Lucky me 8)
[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
Woooo Hoooo These frogs are finally making eggs.. Nothing succesful yet, but the last batch is looking good.....

[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
does your false bottom go all the way to the front of your tank and if not how do you keep everything from falling down in the front
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ohh! and my name is aaron!
Very nice! I like all the pictures, they give us newbies great ideas....
Beautiful tank! I am currently in the planning stages of my second tank. My first tank has a small pond, but no pump or waterfall or anything. I would like to try a waterfall/stream in this one. It is a 20 gallon high. What kind of pumps did you use? I bought one at the petstore and it doesn't seem like it is going to be strong enough. It is a repti flo 200. I am also a bit unclear as to how you made it so that you could access your pumps. I saw that you made a little eggcrate box for them, but how do you actually get to them? Fran
that bio seal does not have any bad effects as long as its cured. what kind of moss is that on the land area???
Thanks for the comments.

Yes the false bottom comes all the up to the glass.

Dang, I forget where I got that moss, but its all dead now.

I believe I am using the same pump as you, Fran, but I have 2 in this tank.. I havn't needed to reach them yet. The vivarium is over 2 years old now.
[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
hey good job on your viv. how did you attatch the PVC to the egg crate? did you just silicone it on ? i have all of the egg crate and PVC cut i just need to silicone the PVC to the bottom of the tank and then i dont know how to get the egg crate to stick to the PVC.
very nice viv!
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Your tank is coming along very nicely
you are the master at making vivs! this one is awesome!
inspired by this viv i am making one just like it ;]
any chance we can get some updated pics?
and description of your plants?

im new to this and i was wondering do i have to put the black silicone on the back of the tank before spraying the foam into it?
Hey! Sorry for the long absence.

I use the black silicone to keep the white from from view from the outside. It is not necessary, as the foam will stick to the glass. However I have read mixed opinions that it sticks better to the silicone, and others say it sticks better to the glass.

After a hot summer last year and leaving the lights off most of the summer, I lost most of the plants - all except the creeping fig that took over. So I recently replanted. I covered the ground with sphagnum moss and added some plants.

This tank is almost 5 years old now. 3 leucs are doing good, ( lost one) and I hear calling daily from this tank.

[Image: IMG_0261.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0266.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0174.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0017.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0175.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0263.jpg]
[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
still lookin good! Big Grin
Sorry to hear about your leuc :[
Have you had any luck with them breeding?

I made a viv pretty much like this! It was my insperation ;]
Great looking Viv, can't wait to see it when the plants fill in.
8) Glad to help with inspiration, I think thats why most people like to make journals like this :thumbsup:

I have had some eggs from this vivarium but I dont know why they all come out white (moldy). I keep checking and nothing recent, but I do hear calling all the time.

I had a question concerning substrate in PM and made a long response so I'll post it here too:

Hi, Thanks! In the 48 I used just the LECA balls on top of the false bottom, and covered the leca with some moss I bought on Ebay. I dont know what kind it was, but it kinda died away and turned into dirt. Now its covered in sphagnum moss and that is turning green in some spots so hopefully it all turns green. Java moss is doing the best in there. The leca balls are plenty for the plants to root in if you have a sealed top and it stays plenty moist in there. If you have a fan or circulating air of some sort, the balls might dry out between mistings and you'll need some sort of dirt. I use coco fiber and yes it will stick to the frogs but I cover it up with long fiber spagnum moss (new zealand spagnum moss) in some of my vivariums and I like that setup.
[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]

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