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Here is a collection of websites with lists of Dart Frog Species

[font=Georgia]Please note that these lists are not complete and locales/morphs listed may or may not be available (or legally obtainable) in your country. If you know of a list not shown here, please let us know![/font]
[font=Georgia]One of the best photo collections: 
- Note that it is not written in English, and requires joining the forum to see the database 
- You can translate pages by right clicking on the page and clicking the translate option.

Overall Database:
- Has information such as size, call, and wild status[/font]


[font=Georgia]Auratus: [site currently down][/font]






[font=Georgia]Tinctorius: [written in German][/font]

Others: [more example photos of various species and locales]

Compiled byNikki

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