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The dangers of a feeding station / fruit left in viv

It's easy to get used to leaving a slice of banana or some other fruit in the enclosure and watch (or not if the frogs are shy).

Some dangers:

1. It prevents the frogs from being active and hunting and ranging for their food.

2. the fruit 'summons' most of the flies in the enclosure to that spot and some of the more shy frogs in a group enclosure may not eat, while the more aggressive frogs are right up against the fruit feeding station.

3. If the feeding station attracts and holds flies for a longer time, they may groom off more of the dusted/coated supplement powder thus depriving the frogs.

4. It may seem easy and convenient or even fun to leave fruit in the enclosure and thus becomes a habit.

Some benefits:

1. If there is a very small froglet alone in a smaller enclosure, a feeding station may assist it in finding food.

2. I would recommend leaving the banana skin on to make it last longer. The banana may develop fly larvae and this is usually well taken by frogs and helpful for problem eaters ect.

3. Feeding station / fruit can be left in all 4 corners of the enclosure if you are gone for a few days / short week and can be used as a temporary 'vacation feeder'

I believe fruit stations have a certain place and use in the hobby, but I would not rely on them or make them a common practice. They should be used sparingly and temporarily. 

Distributing dusted flies at every feeding by shaking, spooning or blowing them scattered throughout the enclosure is what I do and would recommend.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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