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Brazilian red-tail boa, snake cages, chameleon cages

Just trying to get rid of some stuff I'm not using anymore (and a snake too)

1 male yearling Brazilian red-tail boa (Boa constrictor constrictor)

1 wooden snake cage. about the size of a 30 gallon tank. two built in light fixtures for day and night heat lamps. Lights hooked up to dimmers to control heat. Great cage for a small to medium sized snake.

1 20g tank with undertank heater

1 chameleon cage (about 3.5ft tall) used to house an adult panther chameleon.

I'm located in the San Francisco bay area for the tanks, and would be willing to ship the snake.

I would like to make trades for darts (thumbs preferred, but will entertain any trade possibilities), plants or other dart supplies. Just let me know what you got! and if you don't have anything to trade feel free to make an offer.

these things are taking up a lot of space in the garage that needs to be cleared out, so make an offer! thanks for looking!

e-mail me at

oh yeah, pictures of all items available on request.

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