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elitech data loggers

I've grown tired of my old lascar data loggers - the company stubbornly remains windows only for their support software, and we're Mac/Linux only. I found these $35 temperature and humidity loggers on amazon - build quality is kind of cheap, but for what I'm using them for, they turned out to be pretty cool.

I bought two of these for my tree monitor project as a test run to see how well they work. I ended up drilling access ports behind a basking area and in a dark hide on the other end of the PVC viv. This may be trickier with my existing glass boxes since i have all the access ports in the zoomeds and exoterras covered with my top glass, but I can drill a port in my top glass at some point. 

Using the single probe for temp and humidity was a bit glitchy for me so I wired both. I set them to 1 minute samples with circular logging (11 day duration, 16,000 datapoint buffer) and ran it for about a day then checked the data through their MacOS (!) app.

I'll be working with them longer term tuning misting cycles and temperatures, but this is an interesting and cheap device that could be pretty useful. This viv is running at a gradient of 90% RH to 60% RH, and 72F to 93F which is pretty close to where I want to be. I have been spot checking other areas with my temperature gun, but I really like having the data logged to see continuous Temp & RH at least during my viv tuning cycles. This big viv is going to have permanent loggers though.

This company has even cheaper temperature only loggers that are similar to the Lascar design where you can just drop a USB logger directly in the viv. I didn't find a similar model with RH support, so I ended up going the probe route. I'm also not interested in more expensive models - I think have a higher number of cheaper loggers is more useful for really understanding the behavior of a viv.

EDIT: I went back and noticed they do have a USB RH/Temp logger that you can drop in the viv - these may be better for spot checking random vivs here and there:

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very interesting Jim. Affordable too

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