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Hawaiian Auratus 4 for $110 Shipped!

I have several CB F1 D. Auratus 'Hawaiian' morph juvi's ready to go. They are getting rather large, many being 3-4 months old. I currently have twelve available. One of them is reticulated, and if you want him, just say so! They are going for $25 each or 4 for $110 shipped! To be honest, I have never shipped before, but if there are problems with shipping (and you can prove it), I will give you a FULL refund, or replace the frogs(if available) with free shipping. Trades are welcome, but I am currently looking for pum's and thumbs, and I doubt anyone will want to trade those for auratus. Take care

Kasey Lawrence
Hawiian auratus, Dwarf Cobalt Tincs, Leucomelas, Pumilio 'Almirante.'

Do you have any pics?

I have a really blurry pic of my male right now. Other than that, I can try to take some pics of them tomorrow. I have my zoology lab final tomorrow, and other finals coming up so I'll try my best to get it on here.


Ok, I posted some pics in my gallery. They're not that great, but it'll suffice.

Nice frogs, have you had any luck with breeding your pum's?

Funny you say that.. I have two tads in the water right now.

Cool are they the ones that you have on your avitar?

Sure are. That's the male.

those are some good looking frogs there Kasey !

~ carlos

Thanks, that means alot.

Hi Kasey,

i live in nashville and i would love to talk to you about your available dart frogs. i am looking to add a few new ones to my collection soon and i prefer to buy directly from local breeders and specialty pet stores instead of shipping. i called an left you a message on your phone. thanks, ~Lauren

1.1.1 Hawaiian Auratus (reticulated), 1.2.2 Leucomelas, 3.2.1 Cobalt Tincs, 1.0.0 Kauluha & Creme / Camo Auratus, 2.0.1 Yelloback Tincs, 0.0.4 Azureus, 1.1.0 Spotted Auratus

do u ship to canada cuz im willing to get these

No, sorry I don't ship to Canada. Look for breeders in Canada and you'll easily find some cheap frogs

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