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Frogs direct - New Website!
Hello everybody, if you don't know me I helped Phil get the site back up and running and I love my frogs and plants and vivariums way more than my family likes to admit.  I on the other hand love talking about my frogs and most people think I'm a freak, anybody relate?

I just launched a website,, focused on the community, giving you all a place to sell your frogs, plants, supplies, art, apparel, anything you can think of frog related.  You may also sell harmless reptiles but that's not going to be my focus (if you have them and you want a place to sell to the public, go ahead).  I have my own frogs and I have my own plants and I'll get more and try to be more of a direct supplier but if I'm going to do all that work I figured hey why not give it to everybody else too.  There's a few big benefits that I see here.  

People can buy from more than one line or breeding stock to make their own breedable groups. 

Every time you shop a single frog website the stock is typically limited and everything you're looking at is gone.  If we bring everybody together in one place including those stores that already have websites, because you can easily integrate with our website, we can offer the public the largest selection of healthy captive bred frogs  and supplies and the best selection of plants on the internet because we are all plant freaks deep beneath the surface. I've been working day and night to build relationships and wholesale accounts as well tweaking and tuning the website so that it's super easy for everyone to use.  

I expect there to be some hang ups early on but you get your money instantly through PayPal and I help you calculate the shipping, and if you want you can print a shipping label or use your own, like SYR, you can even put in your own API codes and use your own accounts for shipping. Everything is secure I have anti-spam and vendor verification enabled.  Vendor reviews and product reviews, everything under the sun that I could think of, with plenty more features to come in the next few weeks.  This post is barely scratching the surface of the capabilities and possibilities of how great we can make this as a community, together.  I hope you all join me and post what you have and send me any questions or suggestions.

How to setup your vendor account video

Nate Petrie
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