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info on d. imitator

I've pretty much decided on the d. imitators for my first pdf. I've been reading a lot of good information on the care of pdfs in general. I was wondering if anybody has come across a good site with information specific to raising the d. imitator?

Anybody here specialize in these cute little guys?


Here is a page with links to many frogs...
Click on the drawing of the frog, and it will take you to a page that tells more about the species, housing, food size, boldness, clutch sizes, all kinds of fun stuff.
Imitator are one of my favorites, real cool little frogs, very hardy too (IME).

Brian T. Sexton

whoops! forgot the link! ... _main.html

Brian T. Sexton

GREAT!!! Thanks very much Brian.


Imitators are among the most entertaining of the thumbnails, and probably the best one for a begginning dart frog hobbyist to choose, if a thumbnail is first choice. A tank with some epiphytic bromeliads, some vines and a soft mossy bottom with a few small plants is perfect for them. Make sure the bromes are oriented so you can see into the axils with a flashlight. This is where, if you are lucky enough to have at least one pair in a group, they will deposit and care for the tads. In a group, they are very active and competative, so there will be lots of action. If you aren't concerned much about breeding for more frogs right away, you can just watch this action, which may involve some fierce, athletic fighting among the females, guarding, egg-eating among the females, and a kind of heirarchy that is interesting to observe. The fierce fighting between a couple of competing females is not fatal or even terribly intimidating to the loser, in my observations. They are nimble, athletic frogs, and very bold in groups. I have even observed competition between two females for feeding one particular tadpole that morphed out to be huge. We named it "Baby Huey." I have since separated them into different tanks in pairs, and while they are finally breeding again, they seem to lack the same enthusiasm and boldness that the mixed sex group lent to the action.

I can only assure you that if you get about 4 imitators in a well planted tank, you will turn off the TV.

And yes, someone said to plan a frog room. It's like Charlie Parker and heroin. I wanted a cute little unusual terrarium, then ended up with a frog room and the entire rest of the house full of 12 different species. I want MORE!!

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