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Horizontal Viv or a Vertical for azureus ?

Hello to all,

First of all this is my very first post so hello to all. I have started to do some research on dart frogs and I decided that I would like to own some of the Dendrobates azureus or blue dart frogs. So I just have a few questions but they mostly pertain to the vivarium. Since I want to house the azureus frogs would it be better to have more of a ground vivarium rather then one that is built on the back wall. And is there a site that could explain to me better how to build a small brook or a waterfall.

Thank you

Christopher Ryan Boyd

Hi Christopher,
Welcome to the den.

Yeah, the azureus will spend most there time on the floor, but will make there way to the top as well.

There are many construction journals that give great advice on setups. There is a search button, underneath the Dart Den logo on top of the page that you can use to search for key words: waterfall, river, stream, construction, journal, etc.. that will search all the posts and give you a list of them that include the key word.

Here is a post that includes a description of the water feature I used on mine. ... =waterfall

Hope this helps you out some. Don't be afraid to ask more questions, I have plenty to pay back for all the help I have received.

Talk to you later. :wink:

I really appreciate all of the help but I have a few more questions. The first being I am going to by either a 30 or 40 gallon corner tank so it looks lik a triangle. When I do my background do I just apply everything to the back glass or do I am something in the middle. And Also I will be doing a false bottom for a waterfall that will flow into a stream then into a pool, but I cant seem to find if I run the waterfall over the back if the background will get messed up.


I also had a 55 gallon corner tank. Great tank to build a vivarium in. I started with a false bottom; then I used the back corner to place "lace rock" as an active waterfall that flowed towards the center of the aquarium.
The 38" bow front display offered a fantastic view. I used taller plants like "Alocasia Colocasia" towards the waterfall (where the leaves are large enough to block out my lights and cast shadows) and shorter plants to impress the front like Croton, Fittonia, Gold Pothos, Calathea, Ficus, and Begonia. I picked these plants for my first viv because they're locally sold through Lowes or Home Depot. I experimented without the burden of shipping costs. My corner tank was placed in a corner (sort of like how you would place a TV). I didn't worry about covering the sides, with a large bow front viewing angle - I kept the humidity high enough to create condensation on the glass; perfect wallpaper. As a suggestion, keep a large portion of the front tank less planted. This type of setup encouraged my Azureus and Tincs towards the front of the tank for better viewing. I also fed my darts fruit flies at the front of the tank. All I had to do was lift the top glass and they came running towards the front. Great idea if you want to keep track on who's feeding and who's not.
Then we all just pulled up chairs and watched; in fact, 38" was larger than my TV back then. What sound entertainment!

To keep the front glass free of condensation I used small computer fans. Replace the glass feeding panel with plexi and cutout two places on either side to fit fans and wire it to your lights. Make sure to screen off your fans for added protection.

Thanks again. But I dont really understand about the fans. Do I replace the whole front of the vivarium with the plexiglass but you said "feeding glass" I have no idea what that is. Sorry I am very new to this so if you could break it down a lil more for me it would be very greatly appreciated.


I think he was speaking of the lid that you lift up to feed. It should be fine to run the waterfall down the background, but I guess it depends what you use for the back ground. What are you planning on using for the background?

I am thinking about using the foam then covering it with coco bedding. but i have heard that if I do that the water might wash away the coco bedding. So I am thinking of alternate options. And On another note i have noticed a lot of people complaining about so much fog in their tank that they cant see. Is that a usual problem?

Hi crb_22601.
Coco bedding should hold up very well if applied properly on your foam background, however peat moss will break down rather quickly.
I think the "fog" people are referring to is condensation on the front glass. Which can be a problem when you what to see the frogs, but also keep in mind the frogs need the humidity. So you will have to do a balancing act.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts

Any condensation issue I had ever had in a viv was reduced by either:

1) using "in- tank" computer fans to circulate the air on a particular pane of glass, or

2) replacing a portion of the top glass with a 2-3" strip of screen.

3) directing a small clip fan outside the viv, so it blows on the front glass panel.

There may be other examples I am not aware of.

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